[PlanetCCRMA] RT kernel + Nvidia

Tracey Hytry shakti at bayarea.net
Wed Dec 29 18:59:53 PST 2010

> > Anyway, the "ALSA" tab did not exist.  So I went looking for it and found it wasn't enabled.
> > On the last page of qjackctl's setup(misc) the 2nd to the last tab was unchecked, very interesting?
> Yes, indeed, why would that be the default? Was this from a fresh 
> install, and had you started qjackctl in that computer from that account 
> before?

That I don't know?  It was a beta install of fedora 14 that was upgraded as it matured.
I waited a week or two at first before installing the audio apps.
I also installed the planet apps after that, right after you started to put them on the repository.

Overall, this install has been one of the hardest fedora's to get audio working on properly.
There were so many things turned on that weren't needed,
and too many settings that were wrong for an audio machine.

It's still very hard to use the fedora kernel and get decent audio,
and I'm so glad that you put the latest rt patched kernel on the repo.
The stock fedora kernel cannot compare to the audio stability of the rt kernel.
This is all on the same machine that I've used since fedora 7.

As for what the qjackctl defaults where?
It all done on 2 fresh partitions with a new user/home settup.
It's always possible that I had clicked it off when I was trying to get fedora to work properly,
but I would have remembered that.

Oh well, I'm glad, it a nice xmass.

And yes, thanks Orcan.
And thanks Fernando.

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