[PlanetCCRMA] Major problem / confusion

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Dec 9 11:00:54 PST 2010

On 12/09/2010 05:55 AM, Bernardo Barros wrote:
> Are you mixing 32 and 64 applications? Try to just install x86_64 apps.
> BTW, Fedora 14+PlanetCCRMA has already everything for audio work,
> including SC, Pd-extended and latest jack2.

Yes and no, I have not yet managed to build everything in the Planet 
CCRMA side (including an rt patched kernel). You can use fc14 of course, 
just be aware it is not "feature complete" yet - whatever that is.

-- Fernando

> 2010/12/9 Donald Steven<t6sn7gt at aim.com>:
>> I recently rebuilt my computer, moving to 64-bits from 32.  I've
>> installed F13, the CCRMA core and my favorite apps.  I now can't get
>> jack to work, and of course no apps that need it.  In fact, with pd
>> installed, I now have two jacks (one 686 and one 64-bit) and one
>> qjackctl.  Nothing works.  Do I just again from scratch?  Any idea what
>> I did wrong?  Thanks for any guidance anyone can offer.

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