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Subject: [PlanetCCRMA] Major problem / confusion
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Date: Thursday, December 9, 2010, 6:21 AM

I recently rebuilt my computer, moving to 64-bits from 32.  I've 
installed F13, the CCRMA core and my favorite apps.  I now can't get 
jack to work, and of course no apps that need it.  In fact, with pd 
installed, I now have two jacks (one 686 and one 64-bit) and one 
qjackctl.  Nothing works.  Do I just again from scratch?  Any idea what 
I did wrong?  Thanks for any guidance anyone can offer.

Don -

Any chance you are using audio that is integrated into the motherboard of this new computer?  My new motherboard/audio interface requires that something be plugged into whatever jack you want to use before that part of the (analog) audio interface is activated.  For example, I only had a cable hooked up to the output and so could only start Jack in 'Output-only' mode, since nothing was plugged in to the Input - Jack would throw lots of error messages and finally fail to connect if I tried to start it in 'Duplex' mode.  The digital (S/PDIF) interface doesn't seem to behave that way, however.  Still need to do more testing here...


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