[PlanetCCRMA] [OT?] Advice needed for hardware

Jonathan Ryshpan jonrysh at pacbell.net
Sun Aug 29 14:25:03 PDT 2010

What's a good choice of hardware to interface 24 mike level inputs to a
PC, either desktop or laptop -- for a reasonable price.  I've been
looking around the web, and have discovered that RME can probably do it
(Their website is targeted towards people who either know the buzzwords,
or know German, preferably both).  M-Audio makes the "Octane" box, which
looks like a good place to start, but its output is via an ADAT
Lightpipe, for which I can't find a good interface to the PCI bus or to
a laptop.

Either advice, or pointers to advice, or pointers to a good wiki or
mailing list are most welcome.  I am very familiar with Linux and
desktop hardware, less so with laptops and audio hardware.

Many Thanks - jon

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