[PlanetCCRMA] CLAM on CCRMA or Fedora please??

Niels Mayer nielsmayer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 09:32:09 PDT 2010

I noticed that CLAM stopped being supported by PlanetCCRMA around F8

It looks like a lot of new and cool stuff is available. Any interest in
getting this added?


CLAM 1.4.0, 3D molluscs in the space

> The CLAM project is delighted to announce the long awaited 1.4.0 release
> of CLAM, the C++ framework for audio and music, code name 3D molluscs in the
> space.

> In summary, this long term release includes a lot of new spacialization
> modules for 3D audio; MIDI, OSC and guitar effectsmodules; architectural
> enhancements such as typed controls; nice usability features for the
> NetworkEditor interface; convenience tools and scripts to make CLAM
> experience better; enhanced building of LADSPA plugins and new support
> for LV2 and VST plugin building; a new easy to use application to explore
> songs chords called Chordata; many optimizations, bug fixing and code clean
> ups.

It looks great and easy to use:

See also:


... CLAM allows to visually build JACK and PortAudio based applications with
> Qt interfaces as well as GUI-less VST and LADSPA plugins. The more flashy
> feature of VST is user interfaces that are mostly built using VSTGUI. We are
> using Qt as interface for JACK and Portaudio based apps because we are using
> the nice features of Qt toolkit to dynamically bind the UI elements and the
> underlaying processing. Moreover, Qt styling features enables shinning
> designer-made interfaces. Why not being able to reuse the same interface for
> VST and JACK? That has been a long standing TODO in CLAM so now is time to
> address it.

> In summary, we fully solved croscompiling vst's from linux and we even
> started using qt interfaces as vst gui. In that last point, there still is a
> lot of work to do, but the basic question on whether you can use qt to edit
> a vst plugin is now out of any doubt.

> To make the spike simpler, and in order not to collide with other CLAM
> developers, currently working on it, i just left apart all the CLAM wrapping
> part, just addressing vst crosscompiling and Qt with the sdk examples.

> Cross compilation was pretty easy. This time I found lot more documentation
> on mingw and even scons. Just by adding the crossmingw scons tool we are
> already using for the apps and i managed to get Linux cross-compiled plugins
> running on Wine.

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