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Niels Mayer nielsmayer at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 08:53:46 PDT 2010

On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 2:33 AM, David Sommerseth <davids at redhat.com> wrote:
> Have anyone of you tried make the remote control feature found in the
> Yamaha Motif XS synths work in Rosegarden?

Do XG editors work on Motif XS synths?? I thought Motif XS was a superset of

If so, see

here's some notes I took on the subject last night... I'm still trying to
figure out what synths qxgedit can control. Can it control Motif's? the
MU-100? MU-90XG? How about the QY series? MU-15?

Yamaha XG

> re: qxgedit-0.1.0-2.rncbc.suse112.x86_64

which seems to be a linux version of


> XG300 2.0

Analogue-style editor for Yamaha DB50XG, SW60XG and MU10. Uses the 'hidden'
> Yamaha QS300 mode to give youtwice the power of the basic XG voice.
> 2xOscillators,2xLFO's, 6xEnvelope Generators per voice. Saves andloads QS300
> presets, effects banks and sequences. Lookslike a Prophet V synth. Includes
> Arpeggiators andAnalogue Step Sequencers. Saves and loads MIDI and SYXfiles.
> Real wood finish and custom knobs

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamaha_XG

The DB50XG and SW60XG are discontinued, but the SW1000XG (also discontinued)
> has been popular in the professional music industry, and many of Yamaha's
> amateur and professional keyboards implement either XG or a subset, known as
> "XGlite".


• Mediatrix cleverly integrates a DB60XG card (effectively a DB50XG with
> added analogue input), with its own full-duplex recording circuitry, into
> the Audiotrix card. Users of the 3DXG can thus have those Yamaha sounds from
> day one

• I doubt if I need to make any comment on the XG MIDI sounds -- I've been
> using these on my DB50XG for two years now, and have yet to hear a soundcard
> chipset that sounds better.

• It's a clever idea to incorporate the Yamaha DB60XG into the design of the
> 3DXG, and this gives very good on-board synth sounds, as well as an
> excellent three-tier effects system. The overall sound quality is good, and
> in line with the deluxe consumer description that I used at the start of
> this review. If you want a soundcard with great synth sounds and excellent
> effects, and want to use it for occasional games, this would be a good but
> slightly expensive choice. If you want a card primarily for music, you may
> find yourself disabling many of the same features that endear it to games
> players -- the FM synth, joystick port, and so on, which leaves you with an
> XG synth and stereo WAV recording and playback through the XG effects. This,
> in essence, is what the forthcoming Yamaha SW1000XG will do (albeit with
> more effects and WAV channels, plus higher sound quality, but at a
> significantly higher price).


• Get your SW1000XG out of the dust pile or out of the loft becuase the darn
> thing works under windows 7.

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