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Re http://lalists.stanford.edu/laa/2010/04/0017.html and finding one of
these http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/1996_articles/may96/yamahadb50xg.html
... Investigating
further, I find there are very few PCI cards with the Waveterminal header,
however, the Dynex 5.1 does have this header
http://store.high-techoffice.com/dy5pcisocamo.html ($6.00)

And this card supposedly works well in linux

Dynex DX-SC51

> Linux seems to really like this card. AC3 and DTS passthrough out the
> optical jack works perfectly, and I can dump stereo audio into it no
> problem. I get full 5.1 sound out of the analog jacks too. Haven't tried
> capture or the headphone jack, mainly because I bought this card
> specifically for an HTPC.

Which isn't bad, even if you don't attach a $20.00 DB50XG card....  $26.00
is a pretty good price for a Yamaha TG33 with an spdif output, don't you

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