[PlanetCCRMA] fm synthesis software?

Niels Mayer nielsmayer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 10:21:22 PDT 2010

Do any of these toolkits do anything akin to Yamaha's "AWM" and AFM which
basically allows you to FM a sample?

I just dusted off my SY77 and it really rocks...  (which i bought after
auditing Chris Chafe's class back when CCRMA just got it's SY77's and i was
still a student).

I think a SY77 or SY99 softemulator (w/ GUI) would be useful. The GUI is
key: yamaha did something of significance "design wise" in making FM synth
programming accessible to the end user. This design experience and evolution
shouldn't be lost as we reinvent the soft-wheel.

You get lots of instant gratification and experimentation inspiration
through the easy ability to pick a "scene" of interconnected modulator
blocks, and the ability to dial in parameters and easily connect controllers
is essential. I'm sure someone would appreciate seeing an original Chowning
math formula produce sound -- but most would be happier with selecting a
graphical block diagram of modulation paths:
( See also ( http://www.synthmania.com/tg77.htm
http://www.synthmania.com/Yamaha%20TG77/Images/TG77%20data%20sheets/ )

I guess you have to use Reaktor these days to get the same effect, but
without the low-res sample waveforms used on the yamaha (which actually
gives the SY a distinctive gritty sonic "quantized" character that is
"antialiased" by the FM so you don't notice it as much).

For example, from http://www.jonathanleonard.com/sounddesign/

> SY100V3 is an advanced FM Synthesizer that allows for in-operator filtering
> and custom samples. When used with the reaktor morph controls, this synth
> can make evolving textures that are unpredictable and compelling.

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