[PlanetCCRMA] Rsync-mirror of ccrma repositories

Sascha Bendix bendsa at idmt.fraunhofer.de
Thu Apr 1 06:25:39 PDT 2010


is there possibility to mirror the ccrma repositories via rsync ?

Background: In the research facility I work for are a lot of clients
which want to use packages from the repository. To reduce the external
bandwith, speed up the repository access and quality control reasons we
mirror all repositories on an internal mirror.

For ccrma I didn't found a documented way to mirror you packages? I
tried an recursive wget, but it was way too slow. Currently we prefer
rsync to keep our other mirrors up-to-date. Is there a mirror we can use
for this purpose? Or is there an aquivalent way to do it?

Thanks in advance

Sascha Bendix

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