[PlanetCCRMA] FC10/Ardour/Mouse Scroll Wheel Problem

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Fri Sep 18 05:12:32 PDT 2009

Whenever the problem has occurred, it appears that ardour has completely 
died whenever I do a 'ps -ef | grep ardour'. However, you've pointed me 
in a direction I hadn't thought about in that the window manager I'm 
using has a bazillion key/mouse bindings, and they could very well be 
conflicting with bindings in ardour. I will try my next recording 
session with a stripped down window manager like fluxbox to see if the 
problem occurs there.

Many thanks for your help!


Jay Stanley skrev:
> I have seen in more recent window managers (ie gnome), that when your focus is on the desktop itself, the scroll-wheel is bound to a command to cause the window manager to switch you to the next 'screen'.  In other words, your applications are not disappearing, you have moved your view to a screen in which there are no applications running/showing.
> Unlike standard M$ windows, the gnome window manager provides you from 2 to however many you like separate screens.  At the bottom of your screen you may see a little icon on the right which represents where you are in your list of screens.  You can click on the screen that you like to move around.
> It should be possible to disable this scroll-wheel key binding; however, when I look at System/Preferences/Keyboard shortcuts or ./Mouse, I don't see any options to change this.
> Hope this helps.. 
> -jay
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