[PlanetCCRMA] priority, etc.

Elliott Chapin echapin at teksavvy.com
Tue Oct 6 19:26:17 PDT 2009

> Well, qjackctl does not do anything but call jackd. Most likely the
> options in qjackctl are not set correctly and/or differ from what you
> were doing in the command line.
> What are the options you are currently using in qjackctl? For starters
> make sure "Interface" is pointing to "hw:0" and not just "default".

I knew about that one.

> "Frames/Period", I'd start with 1024 (and if it works try with lower
> values if you need lower latency), and "Periods/Buffer" possibly 2 or 3.
> Do _not_ set "Input Channels" or "Output Channels".

For "Priority" use
> 72 as outlined before. "Realtime" should already be set.

Recent qjacktl offers jackd-realtime (server); that doesn't work - jackd 
does with "realtime" checked. "Start jack server on application startup" 
(misc) seems to be essential. There's an (ignorable) error warning - 
just go ahead and load plugins.

In the middle of clearing things up I tried (failed) to find and destroy 
all qjackctl data. Can't help wondering where they are hidden.


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