[PlanetCCRMA] What would be more excepted--C++ or Python for a SysExc Editor/Librarian framework?

Sean Beeson seanbeeson at gmail.com
Tue May 26 23:23:00 PDT 2009

Hi, List.

I am trying to decide which platform would be most excepted in the
Linux audio community, if a framework or program was created to make
System Exclusive Editors/Librarians for hardware Synthesizers or any
other type of external hardware that can be controlled with MIDI or
SysExc messages for Linux/Jack/ALSA. My choice in choosing Python and
C++ so far is just a best guess on my part, and a little of what I
want to spend time with, on the programming languages that would be
most excepted from the open Linux audio community. For myself, I have
mostly been programming database applications with Php, C# and some
Java for over ten years and am now at a cross-roads on whether to
relearn C++ or learn Python. I am choosing to try and create a SysExc
Editor/Librarian because it should be a simple matter of creating a
GUI to use Jack and ALSA calls and because I really wish I had one for
some hardware I have.

Although some input on overall system performance is welcome, I am
aware of the differences in C++ and Python--here again I am just
wondering which would be more excepted or familiar to other people, if
something starts to take off. Python seems to be a no-brainer chose
because of the ease of learning on my part, the ease of developing
with it, not having the usual complications with memory that C++ would
have and it has hooks into Jack and ALSA. In the long run, however,
would C++ be more attractive because more might know it or just from
it being used more in the audio community as it is now? If Python was
used, Python would have to be installed. I haven't seen too much using
it in the Linux audio world from what I have seen.

If one looks around one will find that a few people have tried this
and most, if not all, have seemed to have been abandoned long ago. If
I am wrong about that, please stop me now. If there is also something
else in the works that has some potential to actually come to
fruition, please let me know also.

I am pretty sure this gives anyone a good idea of my question. What
are your thoughts on this decision?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and give our advice.

--Sean Beeson (the one in Japan)

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