[PlanetCCRMA] [Fedora-music-list] about the Fedora Studio, idea

Kyrian kyrian at ore.org
Sun May 17 05:40:56 PDT 2009


This is a great idea. I've just been reading up on how to create custom 
RH/Fedora distro's myself, and I guess I could help out with this.

However one thing the thread so far makes me think is that people 
picking it up would not *all* be highly advanced users, some would be 
near-novices who just wanted to dabble, so it would be very bad to 
over-complicate the thing.
> These are the types of software we have in the Multimedia group.
> - Audio Player
> - Video Player
> - Both Audio and Video Player
> - Digital (optical) Media Creation
> - Digital (optical) Media Ripping
> - Video Creation
> - Subtitle software
> - Audio Creation (which itself has many sub-categories)
> So how shall we do the branching?
Unfortunately while I have some ideas, I don't think I have a complete 
answer to this, because...

* For a novice I suppose you'd want 'Multimedia' just left as it is, or 
at most complicated just have 'Multimedia Players', and 'Multimedia 

* For an advanced user, I suppose you would want: 'Audio Players', 
'Video Players', 'Audio Creation', 'Video Creation', 'MIDI', 'Audio 
Sequencer', 'Recording', and more besides.

That said, there is no reason why 'Multimedia' can't be left alone 
completely so that it behaves almost like straight Fedora for average 
users, and you just add new groups because IIRC packages can belong to 
multiple groups, and there's no reason why they can't overlap in other ways.

I am not sure if the installer allows you to have menu-selectable 
sub-groups (although I'm pretty sure you can actually have subgroups, 
just not selectable in the installer), which is going to be quite a 
problem here, because of the hierarchical nature of the packages/groups.

All this said, I think it would be better to help to bring PlanetCCRMA 
closer to the Fedora distro as a whole, and have it closely integrated 
into the overall installer, to improve upon the current script-based 
method of creating install disks (although I confess I've never used it, 
I didn't think it was all that closely integrated??), rather than 
creating a new fork of Fedora/PlanetCCRMA arbitrarily.


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