[PlanetCCRMA] Still having Radeon/RT problems

stuff stuff at johnadon.com
Tue Jun 30 10:10:12 PDT 2009

Howdy, Folks-

I'm still having problems getting my Radeon HD3300 (built in to the 
motherboard) working with the RT kernels. The ATI proprietary driver 
will not finish creating the driver module so I gave up on that awhile 
ago. What's odd to me now is that, even though I can get the generic 
'radeon' driver to work, it runs painfully slowly. Moving a window even 
a few inches in a minimal fluxbox environment takes about 20 seconds for 
example. None of the xorg.conf settings I've tried help any. I do 
finally get a coherent display, it's just that it's 
sloooooooooowwwwwwwwwww. :) Something's clearly wrong. I'm not quite 
sure what information to provide but if anyone could give me some 
guidance I would certainly appreciate it.

BTW I noticed a man page for a 'radeonhd' driver, but I can't find the 
.ko module for that. I've used "radeonhd" as the driver in my xorg.conf 
but I get the same results as with the 'radeon'.


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