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I have tried many combinations of Wine, Jack, amidi... all having no results. I wish I knew something about compiling code, because the link I have below for USB Midi looks promising, but there are so many errors during compilation, the output file never gets created.

If you look at Rolands site for support, they specifically say you need a driver for this device. Too bad Roland didn't look ahead, and make the MC-808 with Universal Drivers, like the Korg NANOSeries has... With the NANOSeries, all you have to do is plug in the device, and it is instantly recognized by JACK. Nothing short of a  firmware update from Roland will make that happen, so the best bet is to get the USBMIDI driver file cleaned up and compiled.

Is there anyone on the list that can take a peek at the file, compile it and see what they get for results? Here is the file:


It would be interesting to see if this code (last updated in 2004, apparently) will compile. If it does, I can provide Device ID numbers and the other data for the usbmidi.h file.


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Hi, NexxuSix.

I Think you are describing the exact same thing that is happening to me when I try to use the Windows editor for the Korg X50. It also has a special driver that used to not install, but after the last wine updates came down the installer didn't  error out. However, the Editor doesn't find the X50 plugged in through a USB port still. It looks to run ok, but then locks up and it must be because it can't find it as a device as you describe. It works find through the seq midi driver as well as just something to through midi data at, however. Now, that you have helped me see what is going on here with another external USB device that uses a special USB driver it might be good for both of use to report this on Wine's sight as a bug report. I noticed in the Wine Configuration ALSA has midi and wave ports, but Jack only has wave ports. Do you get any deferent behavior if you do or don't use Driver Emulation?

Very good question you have. I hope someone has some insight into it.


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Greetings Fernando and all,
>I just recently acquired a Roland MC-808, and was trying to get it to work under Linux. The MC-808 needs a software editor for full functionality. The MC-808 editor works under WINE. However, the the midi drivers Roland has won't install or work under Linux / WINE.
>I have installed the entire setup in Windows XP, in order to understand what is going on with the drivers, and it appears the the Roland midi drivers set up the MC-808 as a virtual hardware device that the editor can use as an "input / output port".
>I have tried to use JACK and "see" the MC-808, but nothing shows up. I can confirm that the MC-808 is connected to port 4 on my laptop as a USB device, but that about all.
>The editor will "see" JACK midi ports when using the Seq
> midi driver, but I think the problem is, that there is no association between the USB device (MC-808) and JACK midi ports.
>Is there a way to get JACK to "understand" that the USB device on port X (port 4 in my case) is a MIDI device? If I could do that, then I think I could get the editor communicating with the MC-808.
>Suggestions? I did find an interesting link, but I don't know if this would work:
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