[PlanetCCRMA] Behringer VampDesign2; cannot get it to work in fc10 with wine

Sean Beeson seanbeeson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 08:10:44 PDT 2009

> Has anybody been successful?
> Is 32 or 64 bit installation better than the other?
> Are there any detailed guides anywhere (have not found any)?
> /Bengt

Hi Bengt,

Some people have been successful with 64-bit. I have had my hands full just
learning the things that come with PlanetCCRMA that I haven't tried much
more yet. but here is the thread that I got some answers on the question.
It's nothing specific about VampDesign2.

If you really want to see better support under Wine make a bug report on the
Wine sight for 64-bit and the program you are trying to run. You will also
see a lot of post on WIne's site about specific audio apps, so you can check
there also. The more they see people report about 64-bit Jack and ALSA
problems the more they are likely to head in that direction. I guess that
the the Steinberg VST license header isn't able to ship with distros for
legal reasons, but then again it seems I saw something that that wasn't a

Please report anything you find out. I have one synth editor i still haven't
gotten to work, although some things do work.
If you find a how-to, please post.

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