[PlanetCCRMA] AMD 64/Radeon HD 3300 Video Driver

stuff stuff at johnadon.com
Tue Jun 16 11:16:34 PDT 2009

Hm. I'm beginning to suspect my monitor not supporting some of the 
resolutions, refresh rates, etc. that the graphics card may be throwing 
at it when I try some of the default settings. I've got a new LCD 
monitor and I'm not used to their quirks - and I'm sure there are some. 
:) I'm going to plug in an old-fashioned CRT later to see if maybe I 
should be investigating the monitor rather than the graphics system.

Thanks again for your help and if I find an ideal solution I'll 
certainly post.


Sean Beeson wrote:
> I should probably add that I made absolutely no decision about the 
> Video while going through the default GUI. The only things were those 
> very trivial things that I could have not even bothered to change: 
> Keyboard layout, time zone,  static IP,  server name.  No option for 
> the video was asked for. It totally chose on it's own.
> --Sean

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