[PlanetCCRMA] kernel-rt not in bootmenu ?

Tracey Hytry shakti at bayarea.net
Tue Jun 16 04:56:32 PDT 2009

Ok, so here's my status report on Fedora 11:

When I told it to install the fedora version of the i586.rt kernel it worked just fine:  it made an initrd for it and put the correct entry into the grub.conf.

When I told it to install the ccrma i586.rt kernel it installed the kernel properly;  but, DID NOT make an initrd for it AND DID NOT put and entry into the grub.conf .

I had to run mkinitrd to get it to work, along with inserting an entry into the grub.conf.  After that. all is well.  The rpm-fusion/akmod-kmods thing made a nice nvidia driver for the i586.rt and it ran just fine.

Next problem I encountered,

The ccrma i686.PAE kernel installed just fine, with none of the problems as above;  but the nvidia driver that was automatically built by the rpm-fusion system did not work.  I had to rpm -e the kmod... for the kernel and run akmods manually to produce a working nvidia driver.

The machine is a little single core athlon64 with a couple gigs of ram, with fedora 11's i386(i586) version installed on it.

Also, I managed to install _all_ of the ccrma audio packages that are in the repository.  It took a bit of working to get the proper mix of ccrma and fedora dependencies going, but they all got installed.

I have been extremely busy the past few weeks and will be for a while.  I hope to try to test out the audio(jack and all the toys) tomorrow if I have time.  It's 5am and I need to get to bed.  I hope this helps.


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