[PlanetCCRMA] AMD 64/Radeon HD 3300 Video Driver

stuff stuff at johnadon.com
Tue Jun 16 03:44:41 PDT 2009

Hello, All

I've been off this mailing list for quite some time, and although I've 
reviewed recent posts in the archives I can't find anything relevant to 
my situation. Apologies if I've missed anything.

I'm running my first 64-bit Fedora system (FC10) on an AMD machine with 
integrated Radeon HD3300 graphics. I'm able to compile the kernel module 
with ATI's proprietary driver using stock kernels, but I get an error 
whenever I attempt to generate the modules with the CCRMA RT kernels. 
The closest thing I can get to an intelligible error message during the 
generation of the graphics kernel module is:

"glibc detected setup.data/bin/x86_64/setup double free or corruption 

It sounds like a bug in the kernel module generation code, but I'm 
hoping not.

The generic Radeon driver does not work either with the screen locking 
up with gobbledygook whether I use an xorg.conf (many configurations 
tried) or not.

Has anyone gotten either the proprietary driver or the generic Radeon 
driver to work with the 64-bit RT kernels? I've been doing basically all 
of my audio work with the RT kernels for years now and would like to 
continue using those tools with my shiny new setup if possible.

Also, I noticed that if I use a stock kernel, I'm still able to use the 
realtime option in jackd although I had to change the owner of the audio 
devices in /dev to my own username. I haven't tested it for performance 
but I'm wondering if that's a usable configuration, e.g. using jackd 
with a stock FC10 x64 kernel? I mostly record/overdub audio tracks and 
use softsynths frequently which means I need fairly low latency. My 
machine is new and pretty fast in general with 8 gb of memory installed.

I'm sure I've left out some important details, but I'd appreciate any 
help in getting my graphics device cooperating with Nando's RT kernels!


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