[PlanetCCRMA] Cannot set keyboard in Gnome, running via VNC in FC10

Bengt Månsson bengt.mansson at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 13:50:49 PDT 2009

Sean, it worked!
I had to install xorg drivers for display and keyboard to get it working on
the local display. Pretty easy when I finally found the nonfree nvidia stuff
at rpmfusion. The local display could then be configured correctly. After
that I could suddenly select keyboard in the VNC display. There must be a
quicker way to do this, but it worked. Now I can hide that local display in
the cellar again.
Thanks a lot

2009/6/2 Sean Beeson <seanbeeson at gmail.com>

> > (I know this is not a pure PlanetCCRMA question but I'm stuck and you
> guys
> > are always helpful)
> > /Bengt
> >
> Have you tried setting up the Keyboard directly first and after that
> VNC in? I use a Japanese keyboard and VNC into my FC10 box from my
> office and it works fine. However, I did setup the Keyboard before I
> used VNC. I didn't do anything special with the VNCserver or the VNC
> client I use. I actually VNC in with different keyboards(English and
> Japanese), but it always takes the Japanese layout since I first setup
> the system using it. Lucky in my case there are few key that are
> different and I have remembered what they are. That is something I
> have just come to live with since you have to manually set the
> keyboard layout anyway even on different OSes.
> --Sean
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