[PlanetCCRMA] CCRMA, firewire, Presonus FP10

Len lenb_99 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 5 07:50:47 PDT 2009

Some time ago, when things still were not so stable with F10, I helped a friend set up his HP i386 laptop with F8 and the CCRMA kernel-rt (, I think) to work with his Presonuns FP10 (formerly called Firepod).  I had to install the CCRMA libraw1394 and use freebob with jack.  But I never could get MIDI to work.  Otherwise, it has worked out well and we've recorded a number of 8-track sessions successfully with Ardour.

Now I'm thinking of helping him upgrade his system to F10 and trying ffado.  Has anyone had experience with the Presonus FP10 under Fedora 10?  It is listed under supported devices as 'reported to work' on the ffado site.  Would MIDI be expected to work?  I've seen some reports of success with the Focusrite Saffire on the list, but it is listed as 'Full support' on the ffado site, and Focusrite has provided the ffado developers with test units so it probably is much better supported than the Presonus.  The Presonus has a Bridgeco chipset (hence, freebob).  Not sure what chipset the Focusrite uses (maybe DICE?).

Any reason to think the Presonus with its Bridgeco chipset would not work with ffado?  MIDI would be nice, but not critical.  Any known pitfalls, things to look out for?  Or should it work OOTB (heh-heh)?



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