[PlanetCCRMA] Notation editors?

David Ford dford at ansur.demon.co.uk
Fri Jan 9 02:35:16 PST 2009

Hi Thomas
You could try Mike Knudsen's UltimuseLX ( http://www.mjknudsen.org ) - 
admittedly it isn't fully open source and he wrote it a long time ago, 
before the 'standard way of doing things' - but it has worked great for 
me on Planet since FC3.
The whole thing is just under 3Mbyte - if your looking for light and 
straightforward! I've added (with Mike's blessing) a pcl to pdf 
converter to my set-up so I can save the screen print as a pdf - saves a 
lot of paddling in the lilypond!


Thomas Nail wrote:
> Fernando, et al.,
> thanks so much again for making all this software "just work". I really 
> appreciate the effort you guys continue to make on this project.
> Now, since NoteEdit seem to have wandered off and gotten lost - and is 
> no longer being developed - are there any successors to the notation 
> editor crown for Linux? I've looked at Canorus, which is supposed to be 
> the new NoteEdit, but it still looks pretty beta. And, unfortunately, I 
> can't write straight lilypond, because I'm lazy. Rosegarden seems 
> overkill for this type of situation, but maybe that's all that's left. 
> Anyone have suggestions?
> Thanks,
> -=Tom Nail
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