[PlanetCCRMA] Success stories with CCRMA and Firewire Audio Interfaces

Chris Nutt chris.nutt at ntlworld.com
Thu Feb 12 07:36:28 PST 2009


If you go to FC10 with ccrma you won't need to compile anything the 
required packages are in the ccrma repo.

A list of fully supported devices is here: 

I would agree with that Focusrite are a good way to go (I have a 
Sapphire 26IO and the pres are very good) . I would look down the list 
of supported devices and match your requirements with a best fit there 
are a few reviews around for sound quality if you search for them.

I don't use midi at the mo so can't help there.


David Nielson wrote:
> If you *MUST* go Firewire, I have heard nothing but good things about 
> the Focusrite Firewire interfaces. They do work with FFADO, but you will 
> still have to do the dance of compiling many things yourself. (libffado 
> + dependencies, Jack, and FFADO are the ones I can think of.)
> If you have the option of using Expresscard instead of Firewire, I 
> HIGHLY recommend it. I've paid the price for trying to make Firewire 
> work; I bought a Presonus Firestudio (supposed to work, then we found 
> out it's not based on the same chipset as the Firepod) and then an 
> M-Audio Profire Lightbridge (also supposed to work, but has dropouts 
> that I can't fix right now.)
> I finally bought an RME Digiface + expresscard solution, and it 
> literally works out of the box with no additional configuration needed. 
> The bad news is, this is expensive. (Digiface + Expresscard = $1300, but 
> if you only need 2 ins and outs, you can get the Multiface, which costs 
> less; **PLUS** you will probably have to buy outboard AD / DA converters 
> and/or preamps.)
> Best of luck,
> David
> Linux Media wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've been running CCRMA/FC7 till all Firewire bugs worked were worked 
>> out in more current CCRMA versions. I'm ready to invest in a Firewire 
>> Audio Interface and just need to know a few things before investing the 
>> money I currently have...
>> Is there a Firewire Audio Interface that anyone is (successfully) using 
>> on (any) CCRMA/FC* system?
>> What is the name and model?
>> Which CCRMA/FC version?
>> Does midi work?
>> Do I need to be a guru to figure how to get it working?
>> Here are my needs. These are the (minimal) needs and willing to pay more 
>> if (for instance) someone was using an interface that had everything I 
>> needed but I needed to pay more for more Audio Inputs (or whatever).
>> I need...
>> 24bit 96000 recording quality
>> 2 Ins (XLR with Fantom Power)
>> 2 Outs
>> 1 Midi I/O would be good, but not important since I have a midi 
>> interface already.
>> My most important concern is the preamp quality. I invested $500 in a 
>> Rode NT2000 mic and would hate to loose sound quality because of 
>> inferior preamps.
>> Thanks in advance...
>> Rocco
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