[PlanetCCRMA] CCRMA kernel-rt + ndiswrapper = :-(

David Ford dford at ansur.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 6 04:48:45 PST 2009

Hi Timo

Timo Sivula wrote:
> Hi
>> From: lobzang <lobzang at free.fr>
>> yep I did rebuild ndiswrapper on kernel-rt and it works .
>> you need to take the good version of ndiswrapper on sourceforge (ie one
>> the compiles with FC10)
>> - get kernel-rt-devel
>> - get ndiswrapper tgz 
>> - configure , make , make install
>> - modrobe ndiswrapper
> I downloaded version 1.54 of ndiswrapper, did make uninstall for the
> previous version, make, make install and modprobe for the new. Starts
> fine and lets me in to the net.
I'm running the rpm from livna - it's ndiswrapper-1.53-2.fc8 at the 
moment - it usually updates when they update the kernel - a few times 
when this hasn't happened I've had to run a previous kernel for a few 
days until livna catch up.

Just a thought - I'm not running an rt kernel on my laptop with the 
wireless card.

> Seems like if I browse occasionally the connection stays up quite well,
> but the moment I start Rhythmbox to stream audio from internet the
> connection fails within seconds.
I've not used Rhythmbox much so I don't know hold on:
20 minutes so far from morrow.com - a bit of Pink Floyd and other stuff 
like that - 'The Mars Volta - Eriatarka' at the moment.
Yes it seems to be working OK - 28 min.
Must be down to the rt kernel then.

> Are you able to stream audio from e.g. http://www.morow.com ?
>> From: David Ford <dford at ansur.demon.co.uk>
>> Hi - I had a lot of problems getting my ndiswrapper to work (fc8) and it 
>> turned out to be network-manager changing my config files. Particularly 
>> : /etc/sysconfig/networking/profiles/athome1/keys-wlan0 : where it kept 
>> changing the hex key into text.
> I concur ;-) NetworkManager seems to be a NetworkDamager when it comes
> to wireless. Just installed Ubuntu onto my father in laws laptop, and
> only way to make wireless work was to remove Network Manager. I do not
> use it in any of my machines.
> br, Timo
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