[PlanetCCRMA] softsynth news: amsynth 1.2.2 and zynaddsubfx 2.4.0

Martin Tarenskeen m.tarenskeen at zonnet.nl
Wed Aug 19 13:24:06 PDT 2009

Hi softsynth fans,

I have tried to compile the latest amSynth version 1.2.2 on Fedora 11. Good news: Unlike previous versions, it 
compiles out of the box! It disappeared from planetccrma some releases ago because of compiling problems I think, now 
it is time to re-introduce it again. The official fedora repo would be an even better place, but planetccrma is ok 

I have also tried zynaddsubfx-2.4.0-1.fc11.i586 from the official fedora updates-testing repo. It looks good, but it 
doesn't sound right on my system: No matter what patch or setting I try, everything sounds like a raw sine wave. Am I 
doing something wrong, or has someone else noticed this too ?


Martin Tarenskeen

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