[PlanetCCRMA] hi fedoritas gurus!

David Nielson naptastic at comcast.net
Sun Aug 9 09:13:14 PDT 2009

cato catorze wrote:
> Hi!
> I have that kind of problem that you can't solve after more than a day 
> googling. I have the firewire IRQ shared with two usb and something 
> else of intel device, is there any way to assign to the firewire a 
> different IRQ that from the BIOS? I'm working with a Macbook pro, 
> that's why I don't have BIOS.
> Thanks!
> 14

I don't know how to answer your actual question; assigning IRQs is 
something I don't know how to do. (Maybe someone else will know how?)

If you're trying to get low latency using a firewire interface on Fedora 
+ CCRMA, you are in for a very painful experience. Since the Macbook Pro 
also has an Expresscard-34 slot, I highly highly recommend that, if at 
all possible, you buy an RME Hammerfall Expresscard-based solution. They 
are more expensive, but they work "out of the box" with Fedora.

(Fanboy alert?)


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