[PlanetCCRMA] Suggestion for sound card

Andreas Bergsland andreas.bergsland at hf.ntnu.no
Thu Apr 16 01:45:44 PDT 2009

Dear list,
I have been a win user for many years, but I have now decided to give 
linux a go. Now, I am going to get a new external sound card for my 
laptop, and I want the new card to be easily included in my setup in linux.
My criteria for the sound card are:
- low latency
- low noise
- XLR/jack ins/outs, at least 2
- decent mic preamps
- price tag: not above $700
I am running fedora 10 with the latest ccrma rtkernel and the whole 
software package. I have a relatively new Dell Latitude E6500.

Any suggestions for sound cards that fit these criteria?

I have borrowed the RME HammerfallDSP - RPM card which I will test, 
since I know RME are known for low latency and low noise. But this card 
only have one single xlr/jack input and phono-out (designed for DJ use), 
so it is not ideal.

Best regards,
Andreas Bergsland

Andreas Bergsland,
universitetslektor / PhD-kandidat

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