[PlanetCCRMA] How is 64-bit? Want to run CCRMA from a ram disk.

Martin Tarenskeen m.tarenskeen at zonnet.nl
Thu Sep 25 11:27:09 PDT 2008

> that I'm crazy.) I am contemplating building a machine with, say, 16 GiB 
> of RAM, and allocating the majority of it, at boot, to a ram disk, and 
> loading the entire operating system into that ram disk. (DSL, or Damn 
> Small Linux, does this.) I've already got all my recording files on a 
> computer in the other room, so this would allow me to run a computer 
> with no hard drives, and would be wickedly fast.
> Has anyone attempted this?

I'm running Fedora 9 / CCRMA on an Asus EeePC 900. Not really fast, but 
very much OK for ultra-mobile MIDI sequencing with an external hardware 
synth and Rosegarden. I even tried some DSSI softsynths (Whysynth, 
Hexter) succesfully.

My EeePC version uses 20 GB SSD disk for storage. Very quiet and fast 
operation. I also have a 8 GB SDHC memorycard plugged in. SSD disks are 
getting bigger and cheaper every day. I think there might be a future 
for this kind of storage as a replacement for noisy harddisks for music 

Not quite answering your question, but the topic is related. 


Martin Tarenskeen

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