[PlanetCCRMA] Phonic Helix Board 24 on Fedora

Jay Stanley beansboy at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 24 06:22:01 PDT 2008

photonjunky said: 
> I'm having the same issue... specifically the
> src/libffado.so: undefined reference to
> `raw1394_read_cycle_timer'
>  if you've figured this one out please respond,
> thanks..

I encountered the same problem (libffado) with an Echo Audiofire2.  I was really determined to make it work.  Summary: I'd recommend waiting for libffado to be added to ccrma unless you're really determined.

I ended up setting up a completely new partition and installed a distro called 64Studio (to allow it to work until libffado is added to ccrma).

Then, followed these notes 

In short, this required me to register with the libffado site to see the discussions/doc, get the very latest libffado (+ dependencies) + Jack (+ dependencies/working with libffado) from SVN (ie very latest releases), compiling those manually, and installing them.

This is really on the 'bleeding edge' and did take a lot of effort, but so far things are quite stable; no xruns running Ardour2 on a thinkpad t61, and the libffado mixer works fine.  I'm missing a bunch of packages of course though...  and of course there are many debian -vs- fedora differences.

Hope this helps.

ps - just want to say 'thanks' to Fernando and the ccrma crew for providing such a great distro -- I've been using it since RH6, and this isn't easy!


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