[PlanetCCRMA] Where are the kernel-rt-devel rpms?

Mathias Wittekopf mathias.wittekopf at ohrwelt.de
Sun Sep 14 06:02:04 PDT 2008

Hi y'all and especially Ron Fox,

that took me several steps further - thanks, Ron, for your hint!  I did even 
manage to install the nvidia-driver from their homepage, that didn't create a 
kernel module, though (is it supposed to be nvidia.ko?), just an nvidia.o file; 
on booting there is a complaint that nvidia.ko can't be found.  Now my 
graphics card does 1280x1024, but the sync is somehow goofed up: left half 
of the screen is shown on the right, and right on left, with some strange 
stripes on the top.  Whenever I change /etc/X11/xorg.conf, it gets 
overwritten during next boot up.  Have a bad feeling fiddling on that level . . .

So - just to see, if my monitor is still working right, I started the "old" Fedora 
stock kernel ( with a running nvidia.ko module from Livna) 
and ran some of the CCRMA - Applications - they seem to run fine on my 
machine!  For this first round I decided therefore to just suspend the matter 
instead of spending days and days tweaking my head and not getting my 
other works done.

Still interested in suggestions, though - like: how can I create a fitting *.ko 

Best regards
Mathias Wittekopf
Composer & Sounddesigner
Bochum, Germany

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