[PlanetCCRMA] new kernels, swami

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Sep 12 10:14:50 PDT 2008

Hi all... 

I just released a couple of realtime kernels on the fc8 and fc9 testing
repositories. They are based on plus rt18 (the latest and
greatest from Ingo) plus some tweaks coming from the MRG kernels plus
all the patches that fit from the latest from Fedora. 

They seem to be working nicely here. 

The i386 repositories also include a kernel-rtPAE version which can
access more than 4G of RAM (woohoo!). It has been tested on a 4 core 8G
machine and seems to be working fine. There is a slight memory access
speed penalty due to the PAE extension but it is nothing to worry about,
I think (a few % points). 

  yum install kernel-rt-
(with the planetcore-testing repo available, of course)

In fc9 it may be necessary to install "yum-allowdowngrades" and add the
incantation "--allow-downgrade" at the end of the yum install line. 

Also released a newer swami package that matches the Fedora released
fluidsynth packages. Sorry for the delay on this one...

-- Fernando

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