[PlanetCCRMA] A couple of kernel questions

Michael E. Smith melkhorn at gmx.de
Fri Oct 31 04:53:29 PDT 2008

Hello there:

I'm using CCRMA with Fedora 8, 32bit with a quad-core AMD.

I mainly use ardour (and quite a bit, at that), but use all kinds of
other audio stuff.

In any case, I've been experimenting recently with various CCRMA rt
kernels and have ended up using as it seems
really stable, much more so than some of the more recent .26 series.

Anyway, I build ardour from source probably about every other day from
SVN to help test etc., and I noticed today that it was taking forever to

So, I did a couple of complete test compiles of ardour once with and once with 

Here are the results of how long ardour took to compile with each
kernel:   13:53   4:09

That's a HUGE difference. What's going on?

Ultimately, I'm looking for the most stable option, but that is an
incredible difference.

Any light one can shed on the subject would be greatly appreciated.



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