[PlanetCCRMA] Out of the box

David Nielson naptastic at comcast.net
Fri Oct 24 11:14:12 PDT 2008

I built a system around that card about 2.5 years ago based on the Asus 
A8N-SLI deluxe and an Athlon X2 64 2.0ghz.

The HDSP 9652 has only one issue I can find: the volume controls all 
start at -inf, and you have to open the HDSPmixer app to set them to 0. 
I haven't found a way to normal them at boot.

I was not impressed with the Asus motherboard. My dad and I bought 
identical motherboards at the same time. Components on both boards 
failed over time, and eventually my dad's board died completely. MSI 
motherboards have treated us much better.

I recommend at least 2 GB of RAM; if you decide you want to compile your 
own Ardour (which is a very good idea,) this will keep you from using 
swap while doing so.

Oh, and stay away from Nvidia graphics if you can. They're a real pain 
to get working with CCRMA.


Brian McDonald wrote:
> I have an RME HDSP 9652.  I would like to spend 400-500 on a 
> workstation that works out of the box - meaning, no installation hangs 
> or freezes, minimal configuration, put the card in and go.  Any 
> suggestions as to the best system for my buck, while maintaining my 
> sanity would be appreciated.
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