[PlanetCCRMA] jack won't start after installing new audio card

francis keyes fkeymo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 22:54:29 PDT 2008

Hi All,

I recently install an M-Audio Delta 66 card into my computer.  I forgot to
turn off the mainboard audio controller first.  I rebooted and turned it off
in BIOS but now Jack won't start.  The message I get from qjackctl below.

Any help to resolve this is greatly appreciated.  i suspect its something

Thanks a lot,

Qjackctl message:

 loading driver ..

SSE2 detected

apparent rate = 48000

creating alsa driver ... hw:0|hw:0|1024|2|48000|0|0|nomon|swmeter|-|32bit

control device hw:0

control open "hw:0" (No such file or directory)

ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:1240:(_snd_pcm_hw_open) Invalid value for card

ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:1240:(_snd_pcm_hw_open) Invalid value for card

ALSA: Cannot open PCM device alsa_pcm for playback. Falling back to
capture-only mode

cannot load driver module alsa

no message buffer overruns

02:52:42.078 JACK was stopped successfully.

02:52:42.078 Post-shutdown script...

02:52:42.079 killall jackd

jackd: no process killed

02:52:42.503 Post-shutdown script terminated with exit status=256.

02:52:44.033 Could not connect to JACK server as client. - Overall operation
failed. - Unable to connect to server. Please check the messages window for
more info.
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