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don.estabrook at gmail.com don.estabrook at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 15:40:52 PDT 2008

> From: Fernando Lopez-Lezcano 
> ...
> What do other Planet CCRMA users think? Stay "stable" or release new
> versions? There's a compromise either way (fixed old bugs vs. new
> unexpected bugs is one :-). 

> . . .

Just a footnote on my original question, which was prompted by wondering
about Ardour 2.5 availability...  I didn't necessarily have such a
"strategic" scope in mind at the time, although it's certainly relevant
and an interesting question in its own right.  I can totally sympathize
with Fernando about being swamped, so I didn't mean to suggest anything
that would add to his work load.  Besides, it seems to make sense to me
(being new here) that as much as possible of CCRMA customizations should
be pushed up to main-line releases to free him up for more productive

Specifically about Ardour, I had noticed that Fedora had replaced 2.3.1
with 2.4.1 quite a while after Fedora 8 had been out, so I was wondering
whether we should expect them to continue with further releases.  After
reading some posts by people who talked about functionality in Ardour
that I couldn't get to work, I started to think that perhaps I was not
getting some updates that I should have been.  If the solution is to
build new releases of myself, I should be able to handle it, but I
didn't want to spend the time on that if it had already been done.
(That may not be very helpful for non-technical users, but it works for
me...  ;)

So maybe another part of the strategic question involves not only
stability versus functionality within CCRMA, but also the criteria that
the Fedora folks use..?

Best regards,

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