[PlanetCCRMA] package updates

Arnaud Gomes-do-Vale Arnaud.Gomes at ircam.fr
Fri Oct 3 12:34:34 PDT 2008

"Paul Coccoli" <pcoccoli at gmail.com> writes:

> I'd like to say I prefer stable, but who am I kidding?  We're running
> Fedora.  There's no such thing as stable.  I think that's why there's
> interest in the CentOS PlanetCCRMA.  IMHO, that's what the users who
> need stability should use (although I haven't tried it yet, so I don't
> actually know how stable it is).

Actually I don't know either. :-)

I have been more or less following updates to the Fedora Planet CCRMA
and leaving packages from Fedora as they are, with a few exceptions. I
have also been trying to keep up with fast-moving software like
patchage or rakarrack, but this kind of programs often need
bleeding-edge libraries (GTK comes to mind) so I have not had much
luck here.

So I'd say the CentOS Planet CCRMA is rather stable, but there is no
formal policy here and I'm not sure I would want one. I keep thinking
about the issues people seem to have with recent versions of jack and
I will probably upgrade to jackmp as soon as Fernando releases stable
packages for Fedora.


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