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Matt Marian matt1 at mattmarian.homelinux.com
Fri Oct 3 03:36:24 PDT 2008

What do other Planet CCRMA users think? Stay "stable" or release new
versions? There's a compromise either way (fixed old bugs vs. new
unexpected bugs is one :-). 

Personally , while it is cool to have the cutting edge , I prefer 
stability for my D.A.W.s , I can always wait for the latest fedora to 
become "stable" while I use my trusty FC7 based D.A.W. in production  - 
I did the same thing with FC4 until 7 became worked out.
I can't have my working machines go squirrely after an update to find 
something no longer working that was working earlier.   but hey that's 
just me , your mileage  may vary.
Thanks for all your amazing work.
be Well and keep making music.
Matt Marian.

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-10-02 at 20:13 -0500, don.estabrook at gmail.com wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Just an annoying newbie-type question, I'm afraid.  (I have plenty more
>> where this comes from... ;)
>> I have Planet CCRMA 32-bit installed on a Fedora 8 machine.  I have what
>> I think are fairly typical yum repos set up -- fedora, livna,
>> planetccrma -- as far as I remember, all stock configs except that
>> "protect=yes" is set for most of them.
>> I've started to play around with Ardour in little bits over the last few
>> months.  I'm mostly very impressed with it, and I'm sure I've barely
>> scratched the surface.  The current version I have on F8 is 2.4.1
>> (ardour-2.4.1-1.fc8.i386.rpm), from the former fedora-updates -- now
>> fedora-updates-newkey, I suppose.  I'm running into various issues and
>> mysterious things that are either bugs or simply clear signs of my
>> ignorance.  I noticed in the release announcement for 2.5 back in July a
>> mention of "Tons of bug fixes and several new features", so naturally
>> I'd like to see whether some of my problems might already be fixed, on
>> the outside chance that they aren't all ignorance-related...  But I
>> haven't seen 2.5 show up in any updates so far, and it doesn't look to
>> be in the -testing repo either.  IIRC, 2.4.1 became available from the
>> repo like 3 or 4 months after the release announcement, so is this
>> typical?
> In general it is not. Ardour has moved from the Planet CCRMA distro to
> Fedora proper. That particular release (2.4.1) took a long time coming.
> I think that was a one time thing. 
>> I thought I'd seen a couple mentions of a CCRMA build of ardour in this
>> mailing list, so I started to wonder whether I had something messed up
>> in the repo config files. 
> No, I don't think so. 
>> But then, I don't see a .rpm for ardour in
>> the ccrma repo directory tree (using a web browser), and now I can't
>> even find such a reference in any recent e-mails.  So maybe it was just
>> a hallucination.
> Ardour and many other programs have migrated to Fedora so you will not
> find them in the repoview trees of Planet CCRMA. The more packages that
> take that road the better (in the sense that I have less work to do, and
> believe me, I have too much). A side effect is that probably releases
> will not happen immediately - a new package release in Fedora takes a
> while. 
> Regretfully Ardour 2.5.x did not make it to Fedora 8, apparently 2.4.x
> was deemed stable enough. I would not agree...
>> I can try downloading the source and building it myself, but wanted to
>> avoid "re-inventing the wheel" if it's already available.
> I could do a quick build on fc8 starting from the fc9 source package.
> I'll see if I can do that. You could also try it as well, of course. 
> What do other Planet CCRMA users think? Stay "stable" or release new
> versions? There's a compromise either way (fixed old bugs vs. new
> unexpected bugs is one :-). 
> -- Fernando
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