[PlanetCCRMA] ffado, jack and ccrma (Phonic Helixboard)

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I have currently got access to a Phonic Helix 12 firewire MkII mixer. I have built libffado (ffado library version: libffado 1.999.36-) and jack (version 0.113.0) in order to test it out. I can get sound from the various input channels and feed them back to the output channels of the mixer successfully (although qjackctl logs some problems with reading the config rom which don't seem to prevent the basic workings of the mixer). However, I can't download any useful packages (eg ardour) from the ccrma repo without it trying to install jack as well. I don't really have the spare time to build all the packages I might need from scratch so my (possibly dumb) question is :- Is there any way to persuade yum that I already have a jack package installed which might allow me to continue with my experimentation?

If anything comes of any of this or if anyone can suggest useful info I could pass on, I would be happy to gather any information I can which might be of use to either planetccrma or to the ffado project.



Sorry for replying to myself but I've got this to work now so I'm posting the info in the hope that it may be of use to someone else.

1) I obtained the experimental SRPM of FFADO 2.0 Beta6 (1.999.36), packaged by Jarod Wilson from http://wilsonet.com/packages/libffado/libffado-2.0-0.1.beta6.fc10.src.rpm, compiled and installed it.

2) I then compiled and installed the ccrma testing version of jack from http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/mirror/fedora/linux/planetccrma/testing/8/SRPMS/jack-audio-connection-kit-0.109.12-0.svn1135_942.1.fc8.ccrma.src.rpm

3) I compiled qjackctl 0.3.3 (the repo version may have been OK but I didn't try that)

4) yum install ardour

5) setup qjackctl to use firewire as the driver and start everything up. Bingo - 10 input channels, 2 output channels (It's not a great mixer but I didn't buy it) - all connect properly through qjackctl's connection panel.

The only problem is that if jack crashes for any reason (which it did a couple of times until I managed to remove all the failed parts of my earlier experimentation) it won't restart until you force a bus reset using gscanbus.

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