[PlanetCCRMA] the Planet lands on Fedora 10

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Nov 26 14:32:15 PST 2008

Well, in tune with the universe Planet CCRMA crash lands its tiny
landing craft on Fedora 10. Luckily no casualties ('cause nobody has
tried to run it!) After a rebuild marathon there are quite a few
packages available for brave souls to test drive, and a few stragglers
still on the way. 

So far _only_ in the 'planetccrma' repository. 
No planetcore packages yet[*]. 

Having not tested it I can't really recommend it :-)
This shows what's there:



rpm -Uvh

(all in one line) should get you started...

CAVEAT: the Jack on the Planet on fc10 is jackmp 1.9.1! It should work
fine, let me (and Stefan on the jack-devel list) know otherwise. It
should override the lame 0.109.2 that still comes with Fedora and set up
permissions so that any user will have the right to use the realtime
scheduler (you will have to log out and login again for that to take

Enjoy! (if possible). 
-- Fernando

[*] the kernel situation has seen no changes...

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