[PlanetCCRMA] Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT and RT kernel

Tracey Hytry shakti at bayarea.net
Wed Nov 26 13:01:17 PST 2008

> I would not try F9, unless you use Gnome. I used it but switched back
> to F8 because KDE was not ready yet. F10 should be better as far as
> KDE and I think it was released yesterday. Although there is nothing
> on the CCRMA page for it yet.
> Also, I am having the same problem you are having. I have a Nvidia
> 7600 card and it works fine with the regular kernels but when it uses
> the RT CCRMA kernel the Nvidia driver will not load during start up.
> So I use the VESA, I think.

A little more on my not so much fun with fedora9:

I had a happy fedora7 system for more then a year, gnome, etc. on the machine I mentioned in my last post here.  I had tried installing fedora8 and thought it was ok, lots of libraries were the same as those from fedora7, but I just didn't see that much difference;  so I stuck with fedora7.

I always download and try the newest fedora and will be downloading fedora10 right away for evaluation.  The last beta of fedora10 was a real pain;  so I put it aside to wait for the stable release.  What I ran up against in the beta were just about all of the published bugs and gave up.  Last I read;  many of the bugs are still there, but I can work around the network problems and such.

Back to fedora9.

This version seemed to be one of the most experimental messes I've seen.  It was shipped with a beta of the xwindows and gave me no end to problems.  The 32 bit version worked fine on one machine,  while another 32 bit machine I use vesa on it because it still hasn't got a proper video driver for it.  This machine(64bit and 7800 GT card) is where I had to use the nvidia drivers because the motherboard is an sli type and xorg didn't have a non-crash nv driver for it.  A sane person would think that this would be fixed by the time fedora10 was out???

The primary reason I switched to fedora9 was because I was getting a bit nervous about the lack of security updates.  This will be happening with fedora8 soon and I personally would not want to have to worry about kernel or firefox exploits.  My fedora7 settup is a great music system, but it's getting outdated, the music apps are older versions, and the there are no updates.

I tend to go with the newest versions of apps, especially music apps.  Fedora has been pretty good for being on top of things(too good sometimes, see above).  I have a 64studio install that runs nicely, but it's old like fedora7.  I have a SidX settup that I was quite impressed with, and maybe will boot back into it when the new debian is out and stable.  We have a gentoo system here that's used quite heavily, but I've stayed away from gentoo since it likes to get behind on music apps.  And every time I check out ubuntu I look at it, think it's cute, notice how much stuff doesn't work on it, and overwrite it with something else.

On this fedora9 system I'm running kde because gnome was harder to keep a stable desktop going on it.  It's set up very well now, many modifications to the default install setup, and is a very nice machine to use and look at too.  I was never a big kde user before, but I like it a lot now.  Also, I play around with the arduino and wiring stuff and fedora9's free java settup works well(both 32 and 64 bit systems for arduino).

Maybe fedora10 will be better?  --  I'm not holding my breath right now!

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