[PlanetCCRMA] supercollider upgrades, testing: jackmp and kernel

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Nov 14 17:08:15 PST 2008

Hi all, some SuperCollider upgrades for Fedora 9 (can build on f8 if
there is interest). You will find:

- supercollider (current svn)
- supercollider-sc3-plugins (many subpackages)
- supercollider-swingosc (matches the supercollider package)
- supercollider-bbcut2 (ommited a few classes provided by other package)
- supercollider-mathlib
- supercollider-reduniverse
- supercollider-dewdrop

== In the Fedora 9 testing repository you will find:

- jack-audio-connection-kit 1.9.0 (plus -devel and -example-clients)
  this is the first "official" release of the jackmp jack server.

I have been testing jackmp svn for quite a while and it seems to perform
very well. It is what I currently have installed at CCRMA. I've been
meaning to push this to testing and now is the time :-) So, give it a
spin and report any problems. 

IMPORTANT CAVEAT FOR JACKMP: for those of you using an hda-intel based
soundcard (yes, I sometimes use the one in my laptop, ouch), unless you
are using a very very new kernel you will need to start jackd with the
"-S" parameter. This is because until very recently the alsa hda-intel
driver did not provide a stable timing base which jackmp could use. You
can add " -S" (without the quotes) right after jackd in the qjackctl
Setup "Server Path" field. 

- new testing kernel...

I've been trying to get out a new rt kernel for quite a while (MIDI was
not working with external interfaces and the sequencer interface). After
many many reboots and testing and printk's with little clue as to what
to do I finally got a suggestion from Clemens Ladisch that appears to
have fixed the issue (but I don't know if there are, of course, side
effects). See the final thread here:

(does not yet have the latest emails with the solution at this point)

So, I did some testing and it seems to work fine so far. Version, with i386 normal and PAE versions (PAE
untested) and x86_64 versions (untested but should work). 

So, if this works out there might be light at the end of the tunnel re:
rt kernels and fc > 8[*]

-- Fernando

[*] unless, of course, fc10 needs an even _newer_ kernel... argh.
Currently 2.6.24.x kills X on fc9 and up until now 2.6.26.x did not have
midi working. 2.6.27.x (tried it over this past week) does not even boot
with the current highly preliminary rt patch. 

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