[PlanetCCRMA] frebob / edirol fa-66

Hector Centeno hcengar at gmail.com
Sat May 17 08:07:33 PDT 2008


I've been using a FA-101 (the 10 channel version of the FA-66) and
other than having some problems with freebob and previous kernels,
right now it's working perfectly fine and at low latency, As far as I
know there is no functionality missing when used with the Freebob
drivers (anyway there is not much software control available when used
under Windows or Mac OS). I found USB interfaces a little bit more
problematic in the past although recently I resurrected an old M-Audio
Duo and put it to work in sync with the FA-101 (each attached to a
different computer) and it worked perfectly stable and with low



On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 3:02 AM, Nexxus Six <nexxusix at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi all...
> I'm considering purchasing an Edirol FA-66 Firewire Interface, and was
> wondering if anybody on the CCRMA list has had any experience with freebob /
> jack and firewire interfaces in general? Any complaints? How is the latency?
> Any tips or tricks / workarounds? I have read that some of the hardware
> functions are not always available in the software drivers, is this right?
> I am also considering the USB version - UA-25 as well. Both Edirol
> interfaces are supported by Alsa or freebob.
> Thanks for your input... I should be making a purchase soon, and would
> appreciate any advice or first-hand experience I can get...
> Thanks,
> NexxuSix
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