[PlanetCCRMA] Sulfur: works out of the box

Ebrahim Mayat ebmayat at mac.com
Sat May 17 08:00:05 PDT 2008


The upgrade to F9 went very smoothly using preupgrade-0.9.3-3. There
was very little downtime as it was possible to carry on using F8 while
preupgrade was downloading the updated packages. Depending on the size
of one's installation and the speed of your connection, this can take
between 3-6 hours. For me, this is a better alternative than downloading
the Install DVD or CDs. 

After a reboot, the 2nd installer image was downloaded. While the
option to do a clean install is present, one can also just upgrade an
existing installation. 

The other good news is that jack, ardour, audacity, qsynth, qsampler,
sweep and zynaddsubfx ALL WORKED.

Fernando, if you could forward this message of deep gratitude to the
guys at RedHat, I would appreciate it.


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