[PlanetCCRMA] should I upgrade to FC8 + Planet?

David Forsyth steampipe at iwr.ru.ac.za
Sun May 11 13:57:05 PDT 2008

I have access to a local FC mirror, but it only holds the latest 
version, in this case FC8.   I'm seeing a number of posts relating to 
issues with FC8 and I'm concerned.  Maybe I should be moving to FC7 
instead? (from FC6 which is obviously just about to expire entirely, and 
in fact the packages are not being updated much anymore).

of course, FC7 would be an issue unless I can find a local with a DVD. 
we have internet quotas to control bandwidth usage (because bandwidth 
here is very very expensive), which in effect means I can download 392MB 
every 14 days.  thus, a DVD or even a CD iso put me into the block list 
for 14 days.  sigh.  so using the FC8 from the local mirror would be 
useful, but I don't really want to be fighting to get jack and ardour 
working (again)

David                       http://iwr.ru.ac.za/~iwdf/
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