[PlanetCCRMA] Need help getting realtime kernel working with Fedora 8 and nvidia

Matt Barber brbrofsvl at gmail.com
Thu May 8 16:57:30 PDT 2008


I highly suggest you use the RPM source -- it keeps things much
cleaner, and you get to use the pretty nifty livna-config-display
scripts (one of which is nvidia-config-display).

I posted some directions on this here:


I think everything there is correct -- please let me know if it works
or if you have any questions -- if you want I can post what the
beginning of the final .spec file looks like when I do it.

(hopefully I'M doing it right!...  )



> Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 19:11:58 -0700
> From: "Paul Vallee" <pv.vallee at gmail.com>
> Subject: [PlanetCCRMA] Need help getting realtime kernel working with
>        Fedora  8 and nvidia
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> Hi all,
> I've just installed Fedora Core 8 on my laptop and am very anxious to get
> the planetccrma realtime kernel and all of those wonderful applications
> running on it. But I'm having a problem getting the rt kernel working.
> First, my vital statistics:
> Computer: HP Pavilion dv9608ca laptop, AMD Athlon 64/x2 cpu, 2GHz, 2GB
> memory
> video card: nvidia MCP67M (GeForce 7150M / nForce 630M compatible)
> Installed kernel that is working properly with the (livna-supplied) nvidia
> driver:
> Installed ccrma kernel: (NOT WORKING)
> Here's my story:
> I've successfully installed Fedora Core 8 on my laptop and now have a
> dual-boot system with Windows Vista as the other OS and GRUB as my
> bootloader. Everything working fine at this point. Then I installed the
> nvidia driver from livna to get full support for my display. Everything
> working superfine at this point. Played around with it for a couple of days,
> no problems.
> Then I followed the instructions at planetccrma and installed the realtime
> kernel listed above. No problems yet.
> When I rebooted into the ccrma kernel I noticed some error messages
> involving the nvidia driver. Couldn't find nvidia.ro or something like that.
> I didn't see the nvidia splash screen during boot either, so it definitely
> wasn't initializing properly. When I got to the login screen I was able to
> login to the GUI but it was unstable and eventually just froze; no response
> from mouse or keyboard. I've read many of the posts on various forums about
> similar problems being experienced by others and their solutions, but it's
> all a bit confusing and I don't want to do something out of desperation and
> loose my whole system in the process.
> Here's what I THINK the problem is:
> Because I installed the nvidia driver while running under the
> kernel (and before installing the planetccrma realtime
> kernel) it only works with that kernel, and does not work with the ccrma
> kernel. After viewing the livna repository files I noted that there aren't
> any driver rpm's for the ccrma version of the kernel
> ( Many people talked about this in the forums
> and suggested downloading the livna sources and re-compiling the driver for
> the ccrma kernel. Is this what I need to do?
> Here's what I THINK I have to do:
> 1. Install the kernel-rt-devel package for the ccrma realtime kernel (do I
> need the kernel-headers too?)
> 2. Download the source rpm's for the livna driver
> 3. Install the source rpm's for the livna driver
> 4. Compile the livna source rpm's and install the resulting binary rpm's
> while running under the ccrma realtime kernel
> 5. Reboot and I will be in ccrma heaven
> Is this correct?
> If so, could someone please give me, or point me to, detailed instructions
> on how to accomplish this. I'm far from a Linux expert and very new to
> Fedora.
> If it's not correct, could someone please illuminate me.
> --
> Kind Regards,
> Paul Vallee
> pv.vallee at gmail.com
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