[PlanetCCRMA] Need help getting realtime kernel working with Fedora 8 and nvidia

Paul Vallee pv.vallee at gmail.com
Wed May 7 19:11:58 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I've just installed Fedora Core 8 on my laptop and am very anxious to get
the planetccrma realtime kernel and all of those wonderful applications
running on it. But I'm having a problem getting the rt kernel working.

First, my vital statistics:

Computer: HP Pavilion dv9608ca laptop, AMD Athlon 64/x2 cpu, 2GHz, 2GB
video card: nvidia MCP67M (GeForce 7150M / nForce 630M compatible)
Installed kernel that is working properly with the (livna-supplied) nvidia
Installed ccrma kernel: (NOT WORKING)

Here's my story:

I've successfully installed Fedora Core 8 on my laptop and now have a
dual-boot system with Windows Vista as the other OS and GRUB as my
bootloader. Everything working fine at this point. Then I installed the
nvidia driver from livna to get full support for my display. Everything
working superfine at this point. Played around with it for a couple of days,
no problems.

Then I followed the instructions at planetccrma and installed the realtime
kernel listed above. No problems yet.

When I rebooted into the ccrma kernel I noticed some error messages
involving the nvidia driver. Couldn't find nvidia.ro or something like that.
I didn't see the nvidia splash screen during boot either, so it definitely
wasn't initializing properly. When I got to the login screen I was able to
login to the GUI but it was unstable and eventually just froze; no response
from mouse or keyboard. I've read many of the posts on various forums about
similar problems being experienced by others and their solutions, but it's
all a bit confusing and I don't want to do something out of desperation and
loose my whole system in the process.

Here's what I THINK the problem is:

Because I installed the nvidia driver while running under the kernel (and before installing the planetccrma realtime
kernel) it only works with that kernel, and does not work with the ccrma
kernel. After viewing the livna repository files I noted that there aren't
any driver rpm's for the ccrma version of the kernel
( Many people talked about this in the forums
and suggested downloading the livna sources and re-compiling the driver for
the ccrma kernel. Is this what I need to do?

Here's what I THINK I have to do:

1. Install the kernel-rt-devel package for the ccrma realtime kernel (do I
need the kernel-headers too?)
2. Download the source rpm's for the livna driver
3. Install the source rpm's for the livna driver
4. Compile the livna source rpm's and install the resulting binary rpm's
while running under the ccrma realtime kernel
5. Reboot and I will be in ccrma heaven

Is this correct?
If so, could someone please give me, or point me to, detailed instructions
on how to accomplish this. I'm far from a Linux expert and very new to

If it's not correct, could someone please illuminate me.

Kind Regards,

Paul Vallee
pv.vallee at gmail.com

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