[PlanetCCRMA] Planet CCRMA and (new) Gadget Labs driver questions...

Mike Mazarick mazarick at bellsouth.net
Mon May 5 18:18:55 PDT 2008

Thanks, 'Nando!!!  You've provided great help as always

> > (most likely, “the ‘nut’ behind the wheel”).

Looks like I've found the culprit (me!!) 

> Are you looking at this from a text console without logging into a
> graphical session?

(Gulp!!) I guess that's what I get for keeping my mail in Outlook.  It is the only practical way I can 'cut n paste' an X display.  I'll check this out further by logging into the graphics console.

> The permissions are controlled through /etc/security/console.perms*
> Files should be owned by the logged in user, that is done automagically
> by the system at login time.

Great info.  Thanks!!

> > 2.       What are the best applications to test out the linux driver
> > after you fire up qjackctl
> I usually fire up hydrogen for quick tests and select one of the demo
> songs.

More good stuff

> > I’m inclined to believe most of the ‘pro’ level stuff
> > used with Jack, and there is some internal discussion about making
> the card ‘Jack’ only.
> >
> > What would be your best recommendation of the set of apps that should
> > be used for testing?   

> For multiple outputs and inputs Ardour would seem like the most
> complete testbed.
> -- Fernando

Excellent suggestion.   Since this is currently viewed by Jack as a single 8 channel interface per card, is it practical to get multiple instances of Jack running (one per card) or is re-working the driver such that it looks like one big card a better solution? (it would only need one Jack instance, but you'd be bound by only having one set of interrupts available).   We've having to work some 'black magic' because there is no direct DMA on the card.  Best 'guestimate' would be to do what is normally done with multiple Delta 1010s that are clocked together.  Unfortunately, none of us have multiple Delta 1010s to look at.


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