[PlanetCCRMA] New install report

Joseph Dell'Orfano fullgo at dellorfano.net
Sun May 4 11:15:57 PDT 2008


Thanks for your reply. I have had some success over the weekend. I
compiled alsa 1.0.16 and was able to get output from my new RME card
(hooray!). I tested with aplay and all was fine. The RME problem appears
to be fixed in 1.0.16 and so I recommend adding this to the planet. No
hurry, though, because the 1.0.16 version of alsa was very easy to
compile as long as you have the kernel sources downloaded.

The testing version of Jack (both jackd and jackdmp) failed.
Interestingly I was able to start jackd and jackdmp from the command
line but then I got an error that it could not connect to jack client.

Here is output...

12:53:27.330 Patchbay deactivated.
12:53:27.377 Statistics reset.
12:53:27.433 ALSA connection graph change.
12:53:27.621 ALSA connection change.
12:53:27.622 ALSA connection graph change.
12:53:42.033 Startup script...
12:53:42.034 artsshell -q terminate
12:53:42.720 Startup script terminated with exit status=256.
12:53:42.720 JACK is starting...
12:53:42.721 /usr/bin/jackd -dalsa -dhw:0 -r96000 -p1024 -n2
12:53:42.722 JACK was started with PID=3287.
jackd 0.109.12
Copyright 2001-2005 Paul Davis and others.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; see the file COPYING for details
JACK compiled with System V SHM support.
loading driver ..
SSE2 detected
apparent rate = 96000
creating alsa driver ...
control device hw:0
configuring for 96000Hz, period = 1024 frames (10.7 ms), buffer = 2
ALSA: final selected sample format for capture: 32bit little-endian
ALSA: use 2 periods for capture
ALSA: final selected sample format for playback: 32bit little-endian
ALSA: use 2 periods for playback
12:53:44.924 Could not connect to JACK server as client. - Overall
operation failed. - Unable to connect to server. Please check the
messages window for more info.
12:53:53.095 Could not connect to JACK server as client. - Overall
operation failed. - Unable to connect to server. Please check the
messages window for more info.
12:53:57.198 JACK is stopping...
jack main caught signal 15
no message buffer overruns
12:53:57.228 JACK was stopped successfully.
12:53:57.228 Post-shutdown script...
12:53:57.229 killall jackd
jackd: no process killed
12:53:57.640 Post-shutdown script terminated with exit status=256.

I am currently running version 0.109.2-0.svn1088.1.fc8.ccrma.x86_64 (not
from the testing repo) and it works beautifully.

Finally, the RT kernel. When I boot it I get an interesting faint high
pitched noise from the box. After some time the windows manager freezes,
although I can still get into the console with ctrl-alt-F1. 

Here is output from syslog at time of crash...

May  4 12:41:09 Clayton acpid: client connected from 3026[0:0]
May  4 12:41:24 Clayton restorecond: Will not restore a file with more
than one hard link (/etc/resolv.conf) Invalid argument
May  4 12:41:24 Clayton gdm-binary[3021]: WARNING:
gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :0
May  4 12:41:25 Clayton acpid: client connected from 3327[0:0]
May  4 12:41:25 Clayton kernel: mtrr: type mismatch for e0000000,1000000
old: write-back new: write-combining
May  4 12:41:27 Clayton gconfd (jdellorf-3119): GConf server is not in
use, shutting down.
May  4 12:41:27 Clayton gconfd (jdellorf-3119): Exiting

I understand that there are some issues posted about the current RT
kernel. I will await your testing kernel before I attempt patching my
own kernel!

I hope this helps. I will continue tweaking. I'm curious about why the
experimental jack version doesn't work for me. I may continue to fool
around with it and I will let you know what happens.


On Sun, 2008-05-04 at 04:02, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-05-03 at 09:35 -0400, Joseph Dell'Orfano wrote:
> > Hi everybody,
> > 
> > I have been quietly on this list for years, happily running a planet
> > CCRMA box on FC2 with the older version of Ardour, an AMD CPU and a
> > delta 1010LT. It has been working flawlessly for years which is why I
> > decided to build a new workstation! After scouring this list and LAU,
> > I built a machine with an Intel 6600 quad core processor on a Gigabyte
> > GA-P35-DS4 P35 775 motherboard. (I kept it quiet by using a Scythe
> > Ninja copper heatsink which lets me run without a CPU fan. My
> > videocard is also fanless. I am using a modified Antec case from
> > endpcnoise.com. This makes it nearly silent.) I upgraded soundcard
> > with an RME multiface II and the hammerfall PCIe card. 
> That is a really nice machine!
> > So, I loaded FC8 (64 bit) and then went to town with the planet stuff.
> > The RT kernel boots, but crashes soon after requiring full reboot. I
> > read through a few threads and it appears that there are issues with
> > the current realtime kernel, but a new kernel package is on its way.
> > So now I am booting into the up to date stock kernel for now. 
> > 
> > The current alsa package doesn't seem to work with my rme card. Again,
> > there are postings about the 1.0.15 version not working with rme and
> > the newest version of alsa (1.0.16) appears to fix this. I compiled
> > this version from source for now, awaiting the updated packages. This
> > works well now and I can get output through my card using aplayer.
> Argh, sorry you are having so many problems!
> I have a small patch for my rt kernels (for the rme) but I guess the
> stock kernels (from Fedora and mainline) don't have that in there yet. 
> > At this point, I cannot get jack to connect to alsa, complaining that
> > it cannot connect to outputs, cannot connect to inputs and cannot load
> > alsa module. I will continue to tweak this and report back to the
> > group. I suspect I may need to compile jack, although I am going to
> > try jackdmp first. 
> That should not be necessary. You could install planetccrma-repo-testing
> and temporarily enable the testing repository. There is a new
> experimental package there that has support for both jackd and jackdmp. 
> What is the exact error message you are getting from jack?
> -- Fernando
> PS: I'm currently again working on a newer kernel... will have something
> to test hopefully today. 
> > I will report back to the list as I progress. This hasn't gone as
> > smoothly as my initial FC2 install years ago, but I'm sure I can get
> > this figured out. Of course any input is appreciated. Since this is
> > basically a test box now (I am still recording through FC2 box) I am
> > more than willing to test out some bleeding edge packages if it will
> > help the cause. 
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