[PlanetCCRMA] New install report

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun May 4 01:02:07 PDT 2008

On Sat, 2008-05-03 at 09:35 -0400, Joseph Dell'Orfano wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I have been quietly on this list for years, happily running a planet
> CCRMA box on FC2 with the older version of Ardour, an AMD CPU and a
> delta 1010LT. It has been working flawlessly for years which is why I
> decided to build a new workstation! After scouring this list and LAU,
> I built a machine with an Intel 6600 quad core processor on a Gigabyte
> GA-P35-DS4 P35 775 motherboard. (I kept it quiet by using a Scythe
> Ninja copper heatsink which lets me run without a CPU fan. My
> videocard is also fanless. I am using a modified Antec case from
> endpcnoise.com. This makes it nearly silent.) I upgraded soundcard
> with an RME multiface II and the hammerfall PCIe card. 

That is a really nice machine!

> So, I loaded FC8 (64 bit) and then went to town with the planet stuff.
> The RT kernel boots, but crashes soon after requiring full reboot. I
> read through a few threads and it appears that there are issues with
> the current realtime kernel, but a new kernel package is on its way.
> So now I am booting into the up to date stock kernel for now. 
> The current alsa package doesn't seem to work with my rme card. Again,
> there are postings about the 1.0.15 version not working with rme and
> the newest version of alsa (1.0.16) appears to fix this. I compiled
> this version from source for now, awaiting the updated packages. This
> works well now and I can get output through my card using aplayer.

Argh, sorry you are having so many problems!
I have a small patch for my rt kernels (for the rme) but I guess the
stock kernels (from Fedora and mainline) don't have that in there yet. 

> At this point, I cannot get jack to connect to alsa, complaining that
> it cannot connect to outputs, cannot connect to inputs and cannot load
> alsa module. I will continue to tweak this and report back to the
> group. I suspect I may need to compile jack, although I am going to
> try jackdmp first. 

That should not be necessary. You could install planetccrma-repo-testing
and temporarily enable the testing repository. There is a new
experimental package there that has support for both jackd and jackdmp. 

What is the exact error message you are getting from jack?
-- Fernando

PS: I'm currently again working on a newer kernel... will have something
to test hopefully today. 

> I will report back to the list as I progress. This hasn't gone as
> smoothly as my initial FC2 install years ago, but I'm sure I can get
> this figured out. Of course any input is appreciated. Since this is
> basically a test box now (I am still recording through FC2 box) I am
> more than willing to test out some bleeding edge packages if it will
> help the cause. 

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