[PlanetCCRMA] Lockup on tar command over ssh

Michael Curtis lists at moltenmercury.org
Fri Jun 20 04:24:50 PDT 2008

On 20/06/2008, at 7:34 PM, Adam Swift wrote:

> I've done some more testing, and found that I can trigger the crash
> with an SFTP transfer at high speed ( > 1MB/sec) but not at a lower
> speed (128 KB/sec). I can also trigger it very rapidly just by piping
> a large file over a netcat connection. This leads me to believe it's a
> problem with the ethernet driver  (8139too) under the realtime kernel.

Sounds like it could be MMIO-related.  I've seen it in the kernel  
options, it's apparently (and I could be over-simplifying here) an  
option to deal with large amounts of data by batching up transfers.   
In any case, these options have been marked experimental for some time  
in the kernel but given Fedora's track record with such things, it  
wouldn't surprise me if it's turned on by default.  Of course, if it's  
not enabled, maybe turning it on may help.  If you're confident in  
rebuilding RPMs, you might try a custom CCRMA kernel with MMIO turned  
off (on?), or Fernando may be able to help here.

In the bad old days, I'd have suggested an interrupt conflict or some  
other nasty, but in these days of PCI it seems less likely.


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